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Brunei implements stoning to death under anti-LGBT laws

Yiannopoulos apologised for mismanaging the grant and admitted that he had missed a deadline for turning donations into bursaries. He denied speculation he had spent the money. In March , Yiannopoulos confirmed that the fund had been closed down. In November he was hired by the conservative American news and opinion website The Daily Caller to write a weekly column, but was fired after his first column was published, and the opinion editor who hired him was also consequently fired.

His effort to raise money via Patreon was terminated by the crowdsourcing platform after one day because they "don't allow association with or supporting hate groups". The No Platform policy of the UK's National Union of Students is intended to protect campuses from "individuals or members of organisations or groups identified by the Democratic Procedures Committee as holding racist or fascist views".

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Yiannopoulos and feminist Julie Bindel were scheduled to participate in October in the University of Manchester Free Speech and Secular Society's debate "From liberation to censorship: However, the Students' Union banned first Bindel, then also Yiannopoulos. The Union cited Bindel's comments on transgender women and Yiannopoulos' opinions on rape culture and stated that both breached the Union's safe-space policy. Yiannopoulos was scheduled to talk at Bristol University the following month. After protesters attempted to have him banned from the university, the event became a debate between Yiannopoulos and The Daily Telegraph blogger and feminist Rebecca Reid.

Yiannapoulos has stated that both women and Asians have been scientifically proven to be worse at discerning spatial relations. In January , Yiannopoulos reported a fictitious news story, written by a spoof news-site, as being true. The article claimed that an English High Court had ruled that the National Health Service was legally obliged to offer cervical smear tests to men. Unaware that the story of was made up, Yiannopoulos argued that the story exemplified the thinking of those living in 'feminist clown world'. Before reading out the article verbatim, Yiannopoulos insisted that he had researched the story and promised that 'this is real, I haven't just made this up'.

In December , Twitter briefly suspended Yiannopoulos' account after he changed his profile to describe himself as BuzzFeed 's "social justice editor. Some news outlets speculated that Yiannopoulos had violated its speech and harassment codes, as with an instance where he told another user that they "deserved to be harassed. For his criticism of Islam after the Orlando nightclub shooting , a terrorist attack on a gay nightclub , his Twitter account was briefly suspended in June His account was later restored.

In July , Yiannopoulos panned the Ghostbusters reboot as "a movie to help lonely middle-aged women feel better about being left on the shelf. Yiannopoulos wrote three public tweets about Jones, saying "Ghostbusters is doing so badly they've deployed [Leslie Jones] to play the victim on Twitter," before describing her reply to him as "Barely literate" and then calling her a "black dude". Multiple media outlets have described Yiannopoulos' tweets as encouraging the abuse directed at Jones.

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Yiannopoulos was then permanently banned by Twitter for what the company cited as "inciting or engaging in the targeted abuse or harassment of others". He later stated that he was banned because of his conservative beliefs. A conservative website, Reagan Battalion, then posted video of and clips of YouTube interviews at the request of a year-old Canadian student who was opposed to Yiannopoulos' CPAC address.

In the interview in a January episode of the podcast Drunken Peasants , Yiannopoulos stated that sexual relationships between year-old boys and adult men and women can "happen perfectly consensually", because some year-olds are, in his view, sexually and emotionally mature enough to consent to sex with adults; he spoke favourably both of gay year-old boys having sex with adult men and straight year-old boys having sex with adult women. He used his own experience as an example, saying he was mature enough to be capable of giving consent at a young age.

He also stated that " paedophilia is not a sexual attraction to somebody 13 years old, who is sexually mature" but rather that "paedophilia is attraction to children who have not reached puberty. Yiannopoulos subsequently held a press conference, at which he said he had been the victim of child abuse, and that his comments were a way to cope with it.

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He declined to identify his abusers or discuss the incidents in any detail. He characterised his comments as the "usual blend of British sarcasm, provocation and gallows humour", and dismissed the allegation that he endorses child molestation. He alleged that the video had been edited to give a misleading impression, and stated, "I will not apologise for dealing with my life experiences in the best way that I can, which is humour.

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No one can tell me or anyone else who has lived through sexual abuse how to deal with those emotions. But I am sorry to other abuse victims if my own personal way of dealing with what happened to me has hurt you. Media outlets reported on 20 February that Breitbart was considering terminating Yiannopoulos' contract as a result of the controversy. Yiannopoulos resigned from Breitbart on 21 February, reportedly under pressure to do so.

Matthew Rozsa of Salon. Yiannopoulos was later criticized for attending Hollywood "boat parties" and "house parties" in which boys he described as "very young — very young" were sexually abused, but failing to report the abusers to the authorities or to identify them during an appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience.

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He reiterated that he doesn't "advocate for any illegal behavior" or excuse it. You can't let it ruin your life," Yiannopoulos was criticized for mocking child sexual abuse victims by calling them "whinging selfish brats" for "suddenly" remembering they were abused, and "suddenly" deciding it was a problem, 20 years after the abuse occurred. He also stated that a disproportionate number of paedophiles are homosexual. Commenting again on his child sexual abuse remarks, Yiannopoulos stated, "I did say something in the course of that conversation that I didn't intend, and for that I apologized.

Yiannopoulos is commonly associated with the alt-right. In a November interview with Channel 4 , Yiannopoulos talked about his relationship with the movement — "We're fellow travellers on some issues. But I'm very pro-Iraq, I'm very pro-Israel. There are all sorts of points of difference, I think. In a Breitbart article, Yiannopoulos and a co-author described the alt-right movement as "dangerously bright". The Tablet stated that many of these intellectual backers write for publications it describes as racist and antisemitic, such as VDARE and American Renaissance.

The Breitbart article was criticised by opponents of the alt-right for excusing the extremist elements of the movement, and also by the neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer which holds that racism and antisemitism are pillars of the alt-right. The Anti-Defamation League classifies Yiannopoulos as part of the alt-lite ; a term used to distinguish individuals sometimes associated with the alt-right from those who are openly white nationalist and anti-semitic.

Shapiro accused Yiannopoulos, his followers, and other Trump supporters of racist and anti-Semitic behaviour. In October , during an interview with BBC, Yiannopoulos argued that the alt-right was primarily concerned with "immigration, trade and political correctness and free speech generally". He suggested that the alt-right takes a number of different forms, from "classical-liberals, disaffected leftists, ordinary conservatives, and this new young very energised, trolly, mischievous youthful contingent that has suddenly become interested in politics again, and that's the wing that I am most closely associated with, because that's the most exciting bit".

He described this contingent of the alt-right as "sort of unstoppable at the moment" and "the bit of the movement that will win". According to the report, Yiannopoulos and his ghostwriter Allum Bokhari regularly solicited ideas for stories and comments from people associated with the alt-right and neo-Nazi movements.

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Among the figures Yiannopoulos contacted were Curtis Yarvin , a central figure of the neoreactionary movement; Devin Saucier , the editor of the white supremacist magazine American Renaissance ; Andrew Auernheimer , the administrator of neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer ; and Baked Alaska , a commentator known for his anti-Semitic and pro-Nazi tweets. Yiannopoulos also was in contact and received suggestions and texts from individuals in "traditionally liberal professions" such as entertainment and media.

Spencer , cheered him with the Nazi sieg heil salute.

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Yiannopoulos has subsequently claimed that he did not see the Nazi salutes while he was singing, citing what he claimed to be "extreme myopia ". According to the bartender who was working on the night of the incident, Yiannopoulos, Richard Spencer and their entourage came into the bar and asked to sing karaoke even though it had ended.

When the bartender saw the Nazi salutes she rushed the stage and told Yiannopoulos and his friends to leave, at which point they began harassing her, chanting "Trump! The group left after the bartender's coworkers backed her up. The story also reported that Yiannopoulos had a penchant for using personal passwords with anti-semitic overtones, such as "Kristall", a reference to Kristallnacht , a pogrom the Nazis initiated against Jews in , and "longknives", a compound reference to the Night of the Long Knives another Nazi massacre , and , the year of the Edict of Expulsion , by which Edward I of England expelled all Jews from his kingdom.

In Neo-Nazi and Alt-right circles, 14 represents the Fourteen Words "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children" and 88 is code for Heil Hitler. PayPal and the PayPal-owned Venmo subsequently suspended his account. On 26 June , reports surfaced that Yiannopoulos had told at least two news organisations who had requested comments, that he wanted vigilantes to shoot journalists. According to a reporter for the New York Observer , he wrote in a text message "I can't wait for vigilante squads to start gunning journalists down on sight".

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Two days later, following a shooting at the Capital Gazette in Annapolis, Maryland in which five people were killed, Yiannopoulos denied that his comments were responsible, adding that his remarks were a joke. He later posted on Instagram that he sent the messages to troll journalists. In October , following several instances in which pipe bombs had been sent to prominent Trump critics , Yiannopoulos posted the following comment on Instagram: Disgusting and sad that they didn't go off, and the daily beast didn't get one ".

After initially refusing to remove the comment when it was reported as hate speech, Instagram later deleted the post. Yiannopoulos was twice featured in Wired UK 's yearly top most influential people in Britain's digital economy: In , he was called the "pit bull of tech media" by Ben Dowell of The Observer. In , Yiannopoulos organised the London Nude Tech Calendar, which is a calendar featuring members of the London technology scene for the purpose to raise money for an organisation called Take Heart India.

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Yiannopoulos hosted an event known as the Young Rewired State competition in , which is an initiative to showcase the technological talents of 15—year-olds. Yiannopoulos describes himself as a provocateur and "the most fabulous supervillain on the Internet" and a "lovable rogue. Yiannopoulos is a supporter of Donald Trump. He has been compared to Ann Coulter and referred to as the "face of a political movement," but he says his real concern is "pop culture and free speech.