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Champagne goggles will make everyone look a little better, for a minute. But when we dull our senses, we miss out on all the cues and hints that are so important for forming valuable relationships. Additionally, abstaining from alcohol or drugs can give you a really clear look at how other people view your recovery.

Do they try to pressure you to drink? Do they unload a long, dramatic story on you about their alcoholic father or that one time they were arrested for drunk driving? Or are they cool, accepting? Sober you. Recovered you.

Sober Dating at Single & Sober | Find Sober Singles in Your Area

One of the first things to happen in recovery is that our emotions come back. For those of us who have been socially conditioned to be tough or butch, that can be a real challenge. Alcohol and drugs are a numbing agent for people who have substance abuse disorder. When we get into recovery, our hearts and minds slowly begin to reconnect, and the result is a lot of feelings.

Perks Of Being A Gay Couple

So many feelings. More feelings than an Oprah special.

Gay and Newly Sober: 3 Ways To Get Grounded in Your Recovery

How do we handle this? Friends, a therapist, or a support group are all good resources. Part of recovery is becoming a whole person , so even if you love being rough and tough, you may find yourself embracing a little bit of your feminine side. Stranger things have happened.

This is your journey! Enjoy every minute of it. Call us Today.

"It's a Little Like Coming Out," a Lesbian Friend Said

Gay and Newly Sober: Love Yourself. A Lot. Really Hard. I am a drama free, chill guy that loves coffee dates, walks, music, art, enjoy the beach, I live close to three beaches I really enjoy hangign out there when the weather is nice. Am wanting to meet a solid Christian partner who is happy about life and happy to be alcohol free.

Have many ideas to share, will you join me. I think of myself as a young seventy-three year old who loves to travel and is quite social. I don't drink, smoke, or take drugs. My hobbies are gardening, fishing, and volunteering.

Single And Sober

In the past I rode behind a partner on his Harley so I like traveling by bike and have biked over , miles I am in the design district next to midtown Miami. Blue eyes brown hair nice face and a good heart.

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8 Best Free Sober Dating Sites (12222)

I am an artist. Just turned 66 years young. Wanting to meet sober gay men in my area. My main programs are al-anon, O.

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